Osowa Sień Castle

Osowa Sien Castle offers the opportunity to stay in well-appointed and elegant rooms, decorated with respect for the castle's style and history.

Osowa Sien was until 1945 part of Germany. The village was at that time called Rohrsdorf. It is located 3 miles north of Fraustadt, the current Wschowa.

The castle was until 1945 inhabited by the family von Brandenstein. The then 19-year-old Jolanta von Brandenstein became later under the name Leonie Ossowski famous as a writer - partially due to a number of novels whose action takes place in and around the castle. We have chosen to name our rooms after Leonie Ossowskis’ books and we have furnished and decorated the rooms according to the titles.

The palace contains 8 suites, one with two separate bedrooms. Moreover, there are some common areas that are successively adapted and made available to our guests.

From the tower's top floor 20 meters above ground there is a view of the surrounding fields and villages, and from here New Year's fireworks can be seen up to 25 kilometers away.